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At Esther Reizes & Co., we strive to provide our clients with top notch service, assisting them in buying, selling and investing in the commercial real estate market.

 We cover the commercial real estate class assets of multifamily, office, industrial, land and hospitality.

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Zero Experience

Zero Experience to $500M

Zero Experience to $500M in Commercial Real Estate in 4 Years, Commercial real estate always seems like an invite-only club. Those who make it big in real estate syndications, capital raising, and deal-finding always seem to have a mentor or friend who helped them get their start…


Esther Reizes // 02.10.2022

Real Estate Deals

 Real Estate Deals

How to Get In On Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Deals, Real estate deals come in all shapes and sizes. To one investor, a $100,000 deal may be huge, but to another, that’s chump change. What almost all real estate investors want is a bigger piece of a bigger deal. But how do you get in?

Esther Reizes // 02.17.2022